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  • Zygmunt KoniecznyZygmunt Konieczny I have known Elżbieta Towarnicka for many years. I first met her in Piwnica pod Baranami although her artistic career seems to be very different from the musical style of thatplace. When she was not performing, she was often to be seen sitting among the audience. I have always been surprised that a person who is engaged in such an art form could appear in a cabaret, but because of this fact I was able to work with her. I was incredibly fortunate to record with Elżbieta the music for the film “Kartka z podróży” directed by Waldemar Dziki. I usually write songs but on that occasion I decided to choose a somewhat different form. I regret that this remains our only joint recording, because working with her was a great pleasure. Elżbieta Towarnicka has always greatly impressed me with the tone of her voice and her renditions. One has to admit that she is a big artistic personality. She is a great artist who I am happy to have met.
  • Jan Kanty PawluśkiewiczJan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz Elżbieta Towarnicka is an extraordinary personality and talent. She is a unique artistic phenomenon in our country. A soprano voice of outstanding beauty backed by an excellent education. This Artist of profound sensitivity and competence poses a challenge to musicians who work with her, in particular to composers. Before our eyes, out of several banal notes, she conjures up a landscape of infinite poetry or whips up a state of remarkable dramatic tension. Undoubtedly she is a conscious Artist with a vast repertoire and an unbelievable interpretational ease. I would advise against living composers trying to engage with her in futile discussions on the apparent depth of a work, because she is an Artist who will shatter all expectations, even the most excessive, by delivering a coherent rendition whose beauty is yet unknown to you. And you, dear buyer of this box, are lucky!!! You have received an invitation to a world of sounds in which Elżbieta Towarnicka will lead you to a paradise of beauty and harmony. Respectfully yours.
  • Zbigniew PreisnerZbigniew Preisner There are many voices around the world. There are many careers which appeared suddenly and even more suddenly faded away. There are a few people that will go down in history. I am convinced that the voice of Elżbieta Towarnicka will go down in history. I have often wondered about the phenomenon of her tone, since one could easily think that all of the recordings Ela and I have made were the product of hard and tedious labour. This was not the case, though. Often Ela was only given the score in the studio. Since she was perfectly prepared for this profession she could practically sight sing. In fact, I cannot remember a single occasion when we had to repeat her part many times. Ela’s secret lies in her personality. Ela sings what she feels. She interprets every part as if she has written it herself. That is why everything that she sings is true, experienced by her, almost personal. I am so glad that this album is coming out. This will be a true feast for admirers of her talent. Ela, please accept my warmest regards.
  • Leszek MożdżerLeszek Możdżer Elżbieta Towarnicka is a real singing machine. No matter how difficult her part is, she will deliver it single-mindedly, flying high over the obstacles that abound in the score. She simply overcomes them with scorn as if they did not exist, cynically taking advantage of the fact that her vocal cords will bear any amount of tension. Nothing is impossible for her. Sometimes before she starts to sing in her hypnotising voice she might casually ask: “Excuse me, should this bit be loud or quiet?”.
  • Justyna SteczkowskaJustyna Steczkowska Elżbieta is one of the most stunning sopranos I know! The power in her voice is striking and her tone is ideal for unconventional music full of exceptional harmony. Our performing together has always been a great challenge and inspiration for me.
  • Piotr SkrzyneckiPiotr Skrzynecki Elżbieta Towarnicka has a magical voice. When she sings, the Holy Spirit speaks through her.
  • Zbigniew WodeckiZbigniew Wodecki We all know perfectly that Ela is a singer with a beautiful tone of voice and a clear intonation typical of people with perfect pitch. However, not everyone knows that Elżbieta Towarnicka is exceptionally witty and keeps a healthy distance from herself and from what she does. This does not change the fact that like every professional she works perfectly. Because of her sense of humour I would go through hell and high water for her.
  • Barbara WalczyńskaBarbara Walczyńska Endowed with a beautiful and warm voice, Elżbieta Towarnicka has perfect pitch and intelligence. She sings movingly, showing her mastery in a wide repertoire that she continues to expand. She is one of the most talented students I have had the pleasure to work with.
  • Alina TowarnickaAlina Towarnicka Much has been written about Elżbieta Towarnicka: that she has a beautiful voice, that she sings like an angel, and that she is preternaturally musical. Therefore I will try to write something different. What I like most about Elka is that apart from her superb voice she has extraordinary musical abilities – she can sight sing, she learns new pieces fast (often by reading them silently) and she can adjust her voice to suit every musical genre. She also has a remarkable sense of style and epoch – she can sing equally well both Mozart and the romantic repertoire and does not shun contemporary or light music. She likes things that are difficult and is keen to get to know them and get the hang of them. Often she is the first person to perform a piece, which enables her to give it her own personal and unique twist. What is exceptional about my sister as a singer is that she does not take excessive care of her voice. She behaves in a normal way and sometimes does things that are contrary to popular opinion regarding singers (e.g. she likes spicy food, occasionally she fails to get enough sleep before a concert, and sometimes she smokes a cigarette). In private, Elka is exceedingly modest, she has an excellent sense of humour and remains independent like her beloved cats, who are often the only audience during her home rehearsals. And most importantly of all, she is my sister, whom I love very much.

Press releases

  • „Gazeta Wyborcza” Łódź, 8.11.2006 Monika Wasilewska

    The touching beauty of perfect singing - Throughout the entire concert the audience were moved and engaged in reflection. Every time Elżbieta Towarnicka left the stage, she bowed but not once did she smile. The audience soon were imbued with the contemplative mood of the performers. A woman sitting next to me discreetly wiped away tears/dabbed her eyes. Stripped of any of the elements of an attractive “show”, the concert imparted an air of absolute concentration on her clear and lyrical singing as it filled the church with a tangible beauty.

  • „Trybuna Łódzka” 14.03.2000 Anna Iżykowska-Mironowicz

    Elżbieta Towarnicka, who is considered a leading Polish oratorian soprano, reached the heights of mastery that one can only dream of in encounters with live music.

  • „Dziennik Łódzki” 12.09.1994 Michał Lenarciński

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the biggest impression on the audience was made by the phenomenal Elżbieta Towarnicka, who once again confirmed her brilliant artistry. The singer sings with unbelievable ease, achieving a noble sound, showing refined musical culture and a keen sense of style.

  • „Życie Literackie” 13.11.1983 Olgierd Jędrzejczyk

    Towarnicka is possessed of a beautiful soprano, clear and somewhat sharp. Some call it a stage soprano.

  • „Ruch Muzyczny” 19.09.1982 Leszek Polony

    The strongest point in this performance was undoubtedly the part of Roksana sung by Elżbieta Towarnicka. What an outstanding vocal talent she is – her beautiful lyrical voice appears to be destined for the smooth and soft phrases of Roksana’s part.

  • „Słowo Powszechne” 18.07.1982 Stanisław Dybowski

    Special praise is due to Elżbieta Towarnicka, who truly sang beautifully. Musicality, the ability to use her voice in various registers, a balanced sound, and intonational confidence are among the assets of this young singer.

  • „Echo Krakowa” 14.07.1982 Anna Woźniakowska

    I consider the part of Roksana to be Elżbieta Towarnicka’s crowning achievement. It was a truly unforgettable experience to listen to her exquisite rendition of the aria in the second act as it rang out from the choir under the vault of the church.

  • „Gazeta Krakowska” 7.02.1982 Anna Woźniakowska

    Nature has endowed Elżbieta Towarnicka with a marvellous “Italian” voice. I hope that over the years this rare gift will be matched by a full artistic maturity and Towarnicka will take her place among the top Polish, and world, opera sopranos.